September 23, 2019

9am - 7pm


All are welcome to a community celebration of the Autumn Equinox.

This transition from Summer to Fall, when day and night are of equal length, marks a special time in our yearly evolution. We are asked to slow down, to absorb and to rejoice in the bounty of this fall harvest season.

Please join us as we honor this transition with a special day designed to connect us to our own intuitions, to our community, and to the nature that surrounds and feeds us. Let us harvest the joy of healthy living!


The Schedule

9am - Noon  EARTH PRAYER 

Four yoga practices honoring the Four Directions and their connected elements. Open to all levels of experience.

9am  EARTH Opening Ceremony & Meditation

9:45am  WIND Gentle Vinyasa Flow

10:30am  FIRE Core Power & Breathwork

11:15am  WATER Yin Yoga

Noon - 6pm  Vendor Fair 

Explore a diversity of healing practitioners, herbalists & artisans.

Opportunities to participate in:

Essential Oils Workshop*

Nutritional Healing Workshop*

Wellness & Intuitive Consultations*

*Additional purchase.

1:30 - 7pm afternoon ceremonies

1:30pm Cacao Ceremony

Share the blessings of Ceremonial Cacao from the Mayan heartland of Guatemala. Cacao is increasingly known for it’s heart-opening, medicinal qualities and for inspiring deep presence & connectivity. Together, with the guidance of Cacao, we will co-create a sacred space for exploration & transformation through sound, song and prayer.

3pm Mindfulness Through Motion & Ecstatic Dance

Explore the landscape of your body and your emotions through gentle guided movement and your voice. Let your inner animals come out to play!  We will build in energy and freedom as we transition to the Ecstatic Dance, an improvisational dance space where all movements and emotions are welcome, including their absence.  Our intuitive movement is our collective prayer.  Come release any burden and let your newfound lightness take form. Facilitated by Angelica Dzeli Palmer.

5:30pm Gong Bath

Come immerse yourself in waves of vibratory sound from gongs, Himalayan bowls, keyzees and more! Deep harmonics and powerful overtones promote your inner journeying, self healing and deep peace. Facilitated by Mary Bergen.



$25 per person

*Participation in Cacao Ceremony + $15

Food available for purchase throughout the day.

Details on teachers, vendors & more coming soon!



RSVP by email: celebrateorigins@gmail.com

& pay upon arrival