Each Wednesday night of the spring, summer & fall, we host a special community dinner event to celebrate the harvest of the week. We craft a three course menu based on the most bountiful and ripe ingredients available, and invite local musicians to entertain throughout the experience.

Donation-Based Dining

We aim to encourage people to think about the value of universal access to food that is healthy for the body, environment & community. We suggest a donation amount for each dinner and let you decide on the value of the experience.




Origins provides creative, local and organic food for events of all sizes -- from large wedding receptions to small art openings. Our menus are customized based on your vision for the event and what is foods are seasonal available. We cook for vegetarians, vegans, meat-eaters, gluten-free and special diets.

Custom menus are created based on your vision for the event, and menus are based on seasonally available produce and cheeses. For these reasons we do not have standard prices but instead use your meal and service choices to create a custom quote. 



The greenhouse cafe space at Carefree Gardens is available to rent for private events.  We host celebrations of all kinds - including wedding receptions, birthday parties, bridal showers, community meetings. 

For more information about catering and venue possibilities:

Please call 607-437-2862 or contact us at celebrateorigins@gmail.com