Over the past nine months, something very special has begun to take shape on the Beaver Meadow Road.

It started with a seed of an idea - to connect the growers and eaters within our community - and to bring people together around a table of food that's grown with respect for the environment. Thanks to the help of our family, friends both old and new, and talented food producers nearby, the seed of an idea that we called 'Origins' has developed into something very real. As you might expect, the evolution of Origins has followed the shifting seasons...

Winter 2012. During the mild winter, we were setting first posts of our new greenhouse café 

Spring 2012. With the first shoots of green and swelling buds of spring, we were sowing seeds, staining walls, designing our food trailer, meeting the farmers whom we'd depend on for the season.

Spring erupted and melted into long, colorful summer days while we were flying in and out of our kitchen-on-wheels. 

We took our local food revolution on the road to Ommegang concerts, The Smithy, farmers markets & private parties. 

We took our local food revolution on the road to Ommegang concerts, The Smithy, farmers markets & private parties. 

Late summer - we outgrew our first food trailer (and all it's shoebox-sized glory) and invested in a new kitchen-trailer! Filled with new possibilities.

We set the wheels in motion, but Origins has taken on a life of it's own, and it's driven by this community of growers and eaters together. The feeling of community has grown stronger each week as we celebrated the local harvest and food culture with new friends and musicians. We've shared the joy of eating healthy meals alongside the farmers who grew our food. In this space we've also celebrated births, marriages, and the life of the departed.

And now we've glided into the crispness of fall. The cafe will be dormant until spring returns, and we are preparing to depart on the next adventure - to Italy for Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre! Thousands of people will soon come together in Torino to discuss the future of food, the importance of our everyday choices, and to celebrate the incredibly diverse food cultures of this planet. Looking forward to bringing a whole lotta goodness back to you in the Spring!

We'll be using this blog to share more about our journey to the origins of good food and of our experiences abroad. Follow along if you're curious!