Rising to meet a crisp October morning in the garden, we find the Tuscan kale shimmering with ice crystals. The first fall frost has officially ushered away the third growing season of Origins. It has been an eight month journey of learning, from seed to harvest. Strengthening our connections with local food producers; connecting with new friends in our community and around the world; moving toward our collective dream of bringing positive change to the world through food. 

This season has been one marked by both joys and challenges. The most significant challenge came in the early spring, when our father Brent was diagnosed with cancer. He is one of the greatest loves in our lives - the one who manifests dreams into reality - the one who makes anything and everything possible. Our superman never wavered from confidence throughout treatment, and is now on his way to recovery. This experience has illuminated the love that resides in the Cooperstown community, as our family was blessed with constant support in the form of visits, calls, and meals. We saw the healing power of food in a new light as friends appeared on the front porch day after day bearing homemade casseroles and soups. A home cooked meal is the ultimate gesture of love. To all who have supported our father during these challenging times - infinite thanks! 

Blessings also came to us through the people who made up Team Origins this season. Volunteers joined us through the WWOOF network and other connections - Wally from Wisconsin, Maddie from Delaware, Shivani from New Jersey, Scott from Texas and Laura from DC - enriched and inspired the year, each with their own unique flavor. We are so thankful for he creativity and drive that each of you possess. And of course, so much gratitude to the foundation of our team who sliced and diced throughout the season - Sandy, Jaimi, Annie, Nicole, Sophie, Josh, Andy, Jijme - we could not have done it without you!

It has been such a joy to experience the evolution of this greenhouse cafe into an ever-changing community space - a place to practice yoga, to celebrate weddings, to raise awareness about global humanitarian issues, to meet with friends or simply to seek peace in the beauty of plants. Also so beautiful to be a part of Growing Community -- our network of local gardening enthusiasts -- facilitating edible education at Cooperstown Elementary at Kid Garden, and bringing town together around a homegrown harvest at the annual Main Street Harvest Supper. With each season we are inspired by the people who make Cooperstown a place we love to call home. 

And now, we're off to explore the international sustainable food movement at Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre in Italy! At this biannual global meeting of traditional food communities, we'll dive deeper into issues that surround the current food system - and solutions to change the future of food.

We're looking forward to continuing growing with you next season! 

With thanks and love,

Kristen & Dana