The Youth Food Movement


Who are we?

We are the world's future leaders, entrepreneurs, farmers and consumers, part of an international grassroots movement toward a sustainable future of food! 

 The Youth Food Movement a global network of young activists committed to bringing positive change to the world through food.

We recognize that industrialized, large scale, monocultural food production is damaging to the natural environment, cultural heritage, planetary biodiversity and personal health. We unite to change this by being activists of SLOW FOOD which is Good, Clean and Fair: Food should be prepared with care and respect, grown as sustainably as possible and farmers & producers should get a fair wage.

The Youth Food Movement is open to every person who wants to take action to fix a broken food system. It available to anybody who feels inspired to take action, and to those looking to meet other activists, and generate joint projects. “Youth” is not an age requirement; it is a conscious response to the culture in which a generation of young people is coming of age. 


The Otsego Youth Food Movement

Our local chapter of this international movement has roots in Cooperstown schools and is open to all in the surrounding area. In kitchens & gardens we aim to encourage & mobilize responsible food choices, and take part in the public debate about current issues such as how to feed the world, what to do about food waste, and how to produce food as sustainably as possible?



The Future of Food

Wednesday, October 25, 6:00-9:00 pm

Cost: $35 per person  (proceeds to benefit the Otsego Youth Food Movement)

Enjoy a homegrown dinner prepared by Origins Cafe & students who are passionate about creating a sustainable future through food. A four-course dinner will be served with a presentation on how we can support the health of the global community through our food choices. This is a night to inspire and empower our community to eat & grow locally!


RSVP: 607-437-2862 or



Youth Food Movement Summit

Saturday, April 28th

The Farmer's Market, Cooperstown